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The SONAR 2D-ENHANCED is a low-cost, ultracompact, high-performance, multi-purpose sonar. It contains a logarithmic amplifier which combines high-sensitivity and high-dynamic range, a highperformance processor with DSP, and MEMS inertial sensors. A distinctive feature of this model is increased emission power with the ability to adjust the frequency over a wide range as well as a built-in IMU. Its complete solid-state design within a stainless-steel case makes it a durable and unpretentious operational device for industrial applications.

It’s easy to get started with a simple UART interface and open source examples. Its binary protocol provides for maximum performance and data integrity checking. Updating the firmware is simple, providing the most current features or even individualized solutions according to customer needs. Built-in non-volatile flash memory saves its settings even when not connected to power or a host.


  • Underwater ROV/AUV equipment
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Bathymetric surveys
  • RC toys and robotics
  • Liquids level measurement
  • Education and experiments


Resolution 1 cm range
DSP 2.5 mm range
Echo rate 100 Hz @ 5 m range
50 Hz @ 10 m range
25 Hz @ 25 m range
12.5 Hz @ 50 m range
AHRS 100 Hz update rate
Amplifier 95 dB dynamic range
CPU 72 MHz whith DSP
UART up to 921600 bps
Frequency 300 — 800 kHz
Beamwidth 10° @ 700 kHz
20° @ 350 kHz
Range 0.1 — 50 m
Supply 5 — 14 V
Current 0.1 A (typ.)
0.5 A (peak)
Booster up to 24 V
Logic level 3.3 — 5 V
Pressure Rating 100 m
Weight in Air 50 g (without cable)
Weight in Water 30 g (without cable)
  • diameter 22mm
  • length 38-45mm
Operating temp. -5 — 60 °C

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