BASIC Side-view/Down-view Sonar



Available on backorder

Available on backorder

Technical details

Range 50 meters
Resolution 1 cm
Echo rate 100 Hz @ 5 m
10 Hz @ 50 m
Beam width 1° x 90°
Effective frequency 500kHz
Dimensions length 144 mm, height 36 mm, width 18 mm
Supply 3.7 — 18 V
Current 0.05 A (typ.)
0.5 A (peak)
Interface UART TTL up to 921600 bps
Data format
Distance data NMEA, binary
Echogram Binary (Kogger Open Serial Binary Protocol)


BASIC SIDE-VIEW/DOWN-VIEW Sonar is a compact and versatile side-scan or bottom-scan sonar with unique features. Its design incorporates a highly sensitive logarithmic amplifier, providing a wide dynamic range and signal accuracy, along with a powerful processor with digital signal processing (DSP). Its compact housing and sturdy anodized aluminium construction ensure durability and reliability in industrial operating conditions.

Getting started is as simple as connecting via a universal serial interface (UART) and using open-source code examples. The binary data exchange protocol ensures high performance and data integrity. Firmware updates are quick and easy, allowing access to new features or the creation of custom settings according to user needs. The built-in non-volatile flash memory retains device settings even when disconnected from power or the main control unit.


  • Bait boat fishfinder
  • Underwater ROV/AUV equipment
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • RC toys and robotics
  • Secure and Rescue
  • Education and experiments

3D model files

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